'Panacea. The cure for all ailments'.
An abstract animated short, that I made for project Through the Looking Glass, curated by EST Art Foundation, 2021. A recording of the movie in the space it was created for can be seen here.

'Black. Hack. The Wall.'
Two video sculptures in gallery MS10.  2020. Watch the video.

Audiovisual installation in Gallery Old School in Leiden, 2020. See the video

Audiovisual installation in Gallery Old School in Leiden,  2019. See interview by Cultuurfonds Leiden on LeidsCement.

'Overvloed / Abundance' The surf on the black beach of Reynisdrangar near Vik in Iceland on Thursday May 16th, 2019, between 10.47 and 10.56 a.m.. Suds. 
Video installation in collaboration with Old School (Gideon Roggeveen & Roos-Marijn Kinkel), 2019. Tip: watch until the end.

As an independent artist I create works and installations that are mostly abstract, with a lot of room for interpretation. My most important subject is light and how it acts in its particular ways. By setting it in motion, it creates new forms and it changes the canvas it hits. In that light I paste the images I dream, trying to visualize the journeys I undertake in my mind.

On instagram and facebook you can find recent images of my work. Also check blauweuur.nl, the artist collective I am part of, to see some of the audiovisual projects I am involved in.

Apart from trying to create art I work as a graphic designer for over 20 years and as a motion designer for over 10 years. I'm a one man studio that you can call for concepts, ideas and art creation. Motion design, video art and graphic design is what I do. I create images. A lot. Sometimes one at a time. For you. Other times I make 30 images or more. Per second. And I make them move. I work together with professionals in the field of art, design, video mapping, music creation, among others, to realize small and bigger projects and experiences. My style? I don't do style. You want me to make YOUR style! Let's meet and have good coffee: jos@agasi.nl or +31 6 4480 2324.

She calls me the View-Master